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Impala SS Door Fix

Tired of flickering or non-existent door lamps on your Impala or Caprice?  Finally, a solution.  In GM’s infinite wisdom, they molded the door lamps with two cutouts for metal clips to fit into and used a lamp style with loops on each end.  As the lamps heat up, the heat is transferred to the metal clips and in-turn the plastic housing melts or weakens at the mounting point.  Many of us have experienced a rattling sound at the housing only to find the bulb loose and rolling around.

Good news!  There is a clip that fits directly into the cutouts and there is no dependency on the plastic for rigidity!  The lamps are different also.  Instead of using the lamps with the loops on the end, this holder utilizes a lamp that looks like a fuse.  They have metal cans on each end that clip into the mount and provide the bright light you expect for your interior lights.  The mounting position is equivalent to the originals so the pocket light works correctly as well.

New ClipAlmost Perfect Fit
Rear View
Procedure:  Remove the lamp housing from your door by pulling firmly from the door.  The connector connecting the lamp fixture to the door is not easily accessible without removing the door panel.  I recommend cutting the wires at the housing since you will be using crimp-on spade connectors to reconnect the modified fixture.

Pull out FixtureClip Wires
open fixture

Open the fixture by removing the red and white lens, it pops right off.  Remove the existing mounts by pressing on the retaining clips and pushing from the inside of the fixture out.  Discard old mounts.  On most cars the replacement clips will fit snugly into the existing holes after removing a plastic ridge on the back side of the module (wire cutters work fine for this).  If you do not wish to force them in, or if the clips do not fit properly, the ends of the fixture holes can be filed back and the new connectors will fit much easier.  Ensure the new holder spade connectors are facing the rear of the housing so the wiring will be correct when remounting.  Give the spade connector a slight bend towards the housing so the wires will go back into the door easier.  Once the new connectors are mounted into the fixture, install the correct lamp (211- 2), crimp a pair of female spade connectors onto the old wires, plug in the housing and reinstall the lamp fixture.  Go to the next door and repeat.

Each kit contains 2 x lamp holders, 2 x 211-2 bulbs, 4 x female spade plugs.  Cost per kit is $20 or $25 shipped anywhere in the continental US. 

I will accept personal checks or you can pay via PayPal by clicking below and avoid the 5 business day check verification period. Email me with questions or address requests. 

I am currently out of parts for this kit

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